Can I get a brochure or a catalog of all Elran products?
Due to the large selection and the constantly evolving products that we offer, we do not produce a catalog.

Why don’t you show all your covers on the web site?
Computers do not allow consistent color representation. Therefore, it is better to view color samples directly at the dealer.

Can I purchase directly from Elran?
Our products can only be purchased through our authorized dealers.

Where can I find an Elran dealer closest to me?
Use our ’’Find a dealer’’ to locate dealers in your area.

Can Elran provide me with pricing information?
We do not establish retail price points for our products. The local dealer will set his pricing based upon his area of trading, his overhead, shipping costs and more.

Where can I get the status of my furniture order?
You must contact your dealer regarding the status of your order.

What warranty does Elran offer on its furniture?
You can find a complete description in the section of our website .

Can I get a fabric swatch for decoration purposes?
You must contact your dealer to obtain a fabric swatch.

What job opportunities are available at Elran? Where should I send my c.v.?
Please consult the section of our website.

Does Elran offer upholstery services, or can you refer me to a reputable upholsterer?
We do not offer this service nor in all fairness, can we recommend any particular upholsterer.

My cushions are firmer than the ones on the floor sample in the store.
It’s normal. With time and usage, the cushions on your furniture will also soften.

The chair I received is one inch wider than the floor sample. Why?
What makes Elran furniture so unique is the hand-crafted confection of some of the parts. Therefore, a cushion maybe a bit tighter then the next one due to the craftsman and the type of fabric used in its confection. The dimensions are always approximate and may vary by up to two inches.

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